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Temporary Agency Workers

By Patrick Donaghy & Co, Wednesday, 16th May 2012 | 0 comments

The Protection of Employment (Temporary Agency Work)Act,2012 provides that since 16 May 2012 all temporary agency workers must have equal treatment as if they had been directly recruited by the hirer in respect of the duration of working time, rest periods, night work, annual leave and public holidays and pay.

It is important to note that the right to equal pay is backdated to 5 December 2011.

Temporary agency workers must also have equal access to facilities such as childcare and must be informed of any vacant position of employment with the hirer.

The redress mechanism provided for an employer’s non-compliance with the Act is the Rights Commissioner Service. Complaints may be made by using the Workplace Relations Complaint Form.

A copy of the Act may be viewed here

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