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Litigation your home affected?

This is a very live issue at the moment and will remain so until until a satisfactory remedy is found. We have succeeded in having peoples homes remedied which had been affected by Pyrite.Such outcomes were achieved by having an experienced engineer who was prepared to provide strong evidence at the time of hearing.

Pyrite oxidises (swells) and produces a sulphuric acid when it is combined with moisture and oxygen.This can become a serious problem when this occurs in a confined space such as a back fill under floor slabs. The moisture under the concrete floor slab rises upwards, lifting the sulphuric acid which comes into contact with the underside of the concrete floor slab. Internal and external doors will then start to catch on the floor and cracking becomes evident.

It is important that the testing for the existence of pyrite is evaluated by specialist laboratories which test for pyrite from the sample submitted and not by visual inspection.

A specialist engineer should be employed to ensure that the sample is taken correctly. This will be costly but will assist you when you attempt to remedy the problem with an insurer / builder / quarry.

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