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A New Medical Injuries Assessment Board

The proposal to create a medical injuries assessment board is modelled on the Personal Injuries Assessment Board which was set up in 2004 to handle personal injury claims. Reports suggest that either a medical injuries assessment board similar to the Injuries Board may be set up in the future or the task of assessing damages will be given to the Injuries Board.

Assessing damages including for example future care costs / loss of earnings can be a complicated and time consuming part of medical negligence claims. In 2010 the working group on medical negligence and periodic payments was established by the President of the High Court. In its first report in October 2010 the group recommended a facility for periodic payment orders

. • The State Claims Agency.

In 2001 the government empowered the State Claims Agency to handle the defence of clinical claims against public and certain private hospitals. It remains to be seen whether a medical injuries assessment board will be established.