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Code of Practice on Harassment

(02 Aug 2012)

Code of Practice on Harassment; S.I. No. 208/2012 Employment Equality Act 1998 (Code of Practice) (Harassment The Employment Equality Act 1998 (Code of Practice) (Harassment) Order 2012 was published on 19th of June 2012.

It replaces the Employment Equality Act 1998 (Code of Practice) (Harassment) Order 2002.

The code aims to provide guidance on what is meant by sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace. The guide is useful as it outlines how it may be prevented and what steps to take if it occurs. It seeks to promote the development and implementation of policies and procedures ensuring that working environments are free of harassment.

The code applies to all employments, employment agencies, trade unions, employer bodies and professional bodies which are covered by the Employment Equality Act.

The code deals with sexual harassment and with harassment based on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, religious belief and membership of the Traveller Community.

While this code does not impose any legal obligations, it is admissible in evidence and will be taken into account in any proceedings.

It is advisable for all employers to review the new code and amend policies if necessary to take into account the updated code. To view the full code please see the following link: